Meda is the instrument of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, comprising a series of operational programmes.

Euromed Heritage is the first cultural programme of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. The Euromed Heritage programme is financed by the European Commission. The aim of this cluster is to explore the various fields covered by an extensive notion of heritage. Heritage is taken into account in the form both of aspects of identity and its economic importance as a growing sector of activity and wealth.

Various themes provide the strong points of the programme:

  • awareness of heritage is very much present in projects of protection and evaluation; it also encourages projects for the rediscovery of heritage which are aimed at the general public;
  • the human resources which rely on the training of heritage agents to present a new viewpoint and new promotion strategies;
  • sustainable development, in which cultural tourism occupies an important place;
  • the incubator of existing experiences in the various legislative fields to support protection and promotion policies.