The theme of CORPUS and CORPUS Levant is traditional architecture, common and living because it is inhabited; essentially civil and domestic, and pre-industrial by its constructive strategy.

  • It is a survey on the effect of disruptions which, for half a century now, have been affecting ways of renovating housing and constructing, as well as on the various ways to preserve old buildings.
  • It is the constitution of knowledge tools about building techniques, meant to provide those involved with a technical accuracy.
  • It pinpoints human resources: which men, women and bodies pass on skills, or could do so? What kind of mobility and consulting could prove itself efficient on a given site?
  • It is an awareness raising campaign for the decision-makers, the professionals and the general public at large, toward the great values carried out by this traditional architecture and the undermining dangers threatening it.


The projects CORPUS and CORPUS Levant contribute to the preservation of local traditional architecture: an undisputed heritage for its identity value, an opportunity for sustainable development through the ancient housing stock rehabilitation, a mine for cultural and professional qualifications capable of renewing the intervening principles on its habitat.
The projects produce three types of tools:

  • Knowledge, through the extensive inventory of almost a thousand files on the various architectural typologies and their transformation processes, on the most significant sites, on the traditional building arts and the skilled human resources related, and a thematic bibliography. All the collected information is organised and compiled on this website and on various CD-ROM attached to the publications.
  • Practical assistance for a better rehabilitation and maintenance, with a technical handbook, notably containing sixty illustrated files providing practical solutions to the most commonly found problems.
  • Awareness raising among decision makers, professionals and the general public at large. The book Traditional Mediterranean Architecture presents an integrated overview of traditional architecture in the Mediterranean Basin, which should be of great use to all for both knowledge and action. Two travelling exhibitions on traditional architecture in Syria and Lebanon are circulating throughout the territories.